Voloshyn Oleksiy



Doctor of Engineering Science, professor

Born May 2, 1951 in the village. Voronkiv Boryspil Kyiv region in the teachers' families. In 1958 he enrolled in secondary school № 34 Vladivostok (in the place of the military service of his father), in 1968 he graduated from the Kiev school № 129 with a gold medal in 1973 - Faculty of Cybernetics, Kiev State University. TG Shevchenko with honors, specialized in modeling complex systems department, where he was left in teaching: 1973 - 1978 biennium - Assistant, 1978 - 1983 biennium - Senior Lecturer, 1983 - 1992 biennium - Technology; since 1992 - professor.

He graduated in absentia graduate (supervisor prof. Volkovych VL) PhD thesis in 1978 (Kyiv University. Shevchenko), Doctor - in 1990 at the Institute of Cybernetics. VM Glushkov (scientific advisors - Academician VS Mihalyevych Sci. Volkovych VL). The title of professor was in 1984, Professor - 1993, in 1981 - 1982 was held internships at the Vienna Technical University. The winner of the Prize. Ostrovsky for young scientists in the field of science and technology in 1984 In 1980 - 1985 he was the Deputy Dean of Science, in 1994 - 1996 - Chairman of the teaching faculty committee, member of the scientific-methodical commission of the Ministry of Education of Applied Mathematics.
He worked in the departments of modeling complex systems (1973 - 1988 years), the theory of automated systems (1988 - 1996 years), Mathematical Methods of Environmental and Economic Research (1996 - 2007 years), from 2007 to the present - at the Department of Simulation complex systems.
Under the direction of AF Voloshin reserved 15 master's theses, among his students associate faculty Bondarchuk Y., DF-Math Mashchenko S.O; Math Ivohin E.V, Ph.D. V.I. Kudin, Professor, Head of Department of Cherkasy Technological University Snityuk V.E., Ph.D. teacher Uzhgorod National University Antosyak P.P.

Voloshin OF author (co-author) 5 monographs, 10 teaching aids, about 250 publications, published, particularly in magazines "Doklady Academy of Sciences of the USSR", "Reports of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR," "Science", "Automation", International Journal «Information Theories and Applications»,«Information Thechnologies and Knowledge»and others.

Research interests: theory of decision making, optimization methods, mathematical economics, decision support systems, expert systems, e-education.

During his time on the faculty lectured, conducted workshops and laboratory training in standard courses "Decision theory", "Mathematical Economics", "Macroeconomics", "Mathematical Analysis", "Operations Research", special courses, "Optimization of large systems", "Modern methods of optimization", "Decision Support Systems", "Game-theoretical models in economics", "cooperative games".
Ph.D. thesis, "Serial analysis of options in discrete optimization problems" (specialty "Mathematical Cybernetics", Physics and mathematics) is devoted to developing algorithms for sequential analysis of options for discrete optimization problems, doctor - "Schemes sequential analysis of variations in the problems of research and design of complex systems" ( specialty "application of computer technology, mathematical modeling and mathematical methods in scientific research," engineering) devoted to developing models and computational methods for optimization tasks of research and design of complex systems formalized in classes of mathematical programming problems of large dimension, the creation of algorithmic and software solutions Knitting on the basis of their applications aided design, management and planning.

Prof. Voloshin OF member of the academic councils in Kiev University. Shevchenko Cybernetics Center. VM Glushkov Nano. Since 2006 - Chairman of the Scientific Council of the International Association of Users and Developers of intelligent systems, head of program and organizational committees of international conferences held under the auspices of the International Research Society "Information Theory and Applications", member of the editorial board of the International book series «Information Science and Computing» .

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