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Education process

Normative courses

applied mathematics

Kharchenko I.2Differential equations68
Khusainov D.2Differential equations68
Kulyan V.2Differential equations90
Voloshyn O.2Modeling of economic, environmental and social processes72
Kulyan V.3Control theory108
Pichkur V.3Control theory108
Shatyrko A.3Control theory95
Korobova M.4Mathematical economics90
Korobova M.4Mathematical modeling34
Kulyan V.4Fundamentals of financial management61
Stoyan V.4Mathematical modeling66
Voloshyn O.4Mathematical economics108
Hulyanytskyy L.5Methods of combinatorial optimization50
Kulyan V.5Project management90
Pichkur V.5Methods of nonsmooth optimization90
Shatyrko A.5Additional sections methods of nonsmooth optimization45
Stoyan V.5Computer and analytical modeling of dynamic systems79
Voloshyn O.5Modeling of economic processes. Module 1: Modern problems of mathematical economics; Module 2: Actual problems of software engineering50
Khusainov D.6Fundamentals of nonlinear dynamics180
Kulyan V.6Modeling and optimization of socio-economic processes70
Matvienko V.6Adaptive treatment of information and recognition34
Pichkur V.6Applications of analysis. Module 1: Issues of multivalued analysis Module 2: Numerical analysis of shell systems Module 3: Modeling of ecological and aeration processes.79
Shatyrko A.6Basics of Artificial Intelligence71
Shatyrko A.6Methods of artificial intelligence14
Shatyrko A.6Technologies of treatment of information160
Yatsenko V.6Technologies of treatment of information48

computer science

Shatyrko A.2Management the dynamic systems. Module 1. Bases of differential equalizations. Module 2. Management theory.42
Matvienko V.3Image processing72
Matvienko V.3Simulation of systems108
Kulyan V.5Mathematical design of dynamics of investments30


Garashchenko F.2Differential equations51
Kharchenko I.2Differential equations30
Korobova M.2Differential equations129
Matvienko V.2Differential equations130
Pichkur V.2Differential equations65
Khusainov D.3Differential equations36
Korobova M.3Mathematical modeling of environmental processes100
Matvienko V.3Mathematical modeling72
Pichkur V.3Mathematical modeling66
Shatyrko A.3Differential equations216
Stoyan V.3Mathematical modelling72
Voloshyn O.3Decision principle108
Voloshyn O.3Mathematical modeling of environmental processes24
Korobova M.4Control theory45
Korobova M.4Modeling of economic and ecological processes91
Voloshyn O.4Fuzzy classification by elasticity34
Korobova M.5Modeling of economic, environmental and social processes12
Shatyrko A.5Optimal custom controls6

social Informatics

Kulyan V.5Modeling and optimization of socio-economic processes59
Kulyan V.6Modeling and optimization of socio-economic processes68

systems analysis

Garashchenko F.2Differential equations30
Kharchenko I.2Differential equations230
Pichkur V.2Differential equations24
Kulyan V.3Control theory113
Pichkur V.3Control theory86
Korobova M.4Mathematical economics83
Voloshyn O.4Differential equations8

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