Kudin Grigoriy


laboratory chief

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, lecturer


1968 - Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv;

1970 - PhD program of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty at the chair of Mathematical Physics.

Scientific degrees

1971 - Assistant Professor of chair of complex systems modelling;

1975 - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

1971 - Senior lecturer of chair of complex systems modelling;

1978 - Associate Professor of chair of complex systems modelling.

Labor activity

1983 - 1999 - Senior Researcher, Head of mathematical support division of "Simulation and optimization" laboratory;

1999 - Head of "Simulation and Optimization" laboratory;

2001 - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics.

Areas of Scientific Interest

Under the guidance of G.I. Kudin 5 economical projects were accomplished and one PhD thesis was defended.

140 scientific works


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